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 Hefty - MM Hunter(DECLINED)

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PostSubject: Hefty - MM Hunter(DECLINED)   Mon Feb 14, 2011 9:28 am

What’s Your Main spec: Marksmanship
What’s Your Dual spec: Survival

Q: What Professions do you use and why did you take those:
A: Alchemy and herbalism, i took Alchemy because i heard that there were money in it and Herbalism because it works with Alchemy tho my herbalism is low skilled ..

/Played:57 days, 15 hours and 30 mins
/Played at level 80( doesn't have to be excact): 45 days
/Played at level 85: 10 days 15 hours and 30 mins
Armory link:
DKP Site link:

Personal Information

Name: Benjamin Jensen
Age: 18
Nationality: Danish
Location: Sjælland
Time Zone: Server time

Q: Tell us about yourself. (Student/work etc.)
A: im having a year where i aint really doing anything, just relaxing and then im gonna start on HHX

Q: Playschedule availability:
A: I can play all day if you want me to do that, but not later than 23:30, then ill logg out.

Q: How do you see yourself as a raider, and where do you think you can improve best? (What are your pluses and minuses)
A: I think i am a fast learner and i allways got a positive attitude. A minus must be that i dont really know tacts for the raids yet, but that i will learn fast.

Q: Tell us about how you see your class. (What are the strong and weak points, what would you change if you could?)
A: a weak point should be that we cant do much when the target gets close, but thats no problem in raids as tank keeps aggro. i think we got plenty of strong points, but not really anything i find neccesery to comment, there is too many to mention them all.

Q: Do you often check sites like Elitist Jerks to keep up-to-date with the theorycrafing of your class?
A: not often as i dont think it gets that often updated but yes, i read it sometimes.

Q: How do you prepare for a raid or a new boss encounter?
A: buy food and flasks (depending on if everyone else does since they are pretty expensive, but if its something u want me to i do that ofc) and if theres something i have forgotten that i really should bring too, just tell me, then im gonna do that Smile

Q: Do you wish to explain anything about your current gear, talentspec, enchants or gems?
A: actually yes, in my chestplate i currently on my armor link miss a get, its because i dont slack on my gems, and want the right gems.

Q: Do you have any alts worthy of a mention?
A: i got a druid lvl 85 but hes ally and i preffer playing my hunter.

Q: What kind of PC do you have?
A: i got a pc specialmade from "" do its no brand like "acer or Asus" or something, imo you get more pc for the money instead of paying for a brand.

Q: How would you rate your internet-connection in terms of stability?
A: if i hear music while playing in a raid i will get lagg but i never DC. I will jsut avoid hearing music while raiding then.

Q: During our raids we use Ventrilo, how do you feel about this and do you mind to speak on ventrilo? (We might invite you for a ventrilo interview regarding your application)
A: I got Vent installed allredy, got a mic and a headset.

Q: How often would you check our forums and/or post on the forums?
A: once a week or so.

Q: Describe your guildhistory. (Guild names, reason for leaving, references).
A: in cata i have only been in one guild, its Fallen and i want to leave because GM stopped playing and the guild is frozen now.

Q: Do you have any achievements that you are particularly proud of?
A: nah, not really.

Q: Please rank the following activities/conditions in order of importance to you. Most important on first position, least important on last.

• Playing your alt(s). 6
• Getting server first kills. 4
• Guild-organised pvp activities. 5
• Willing to go all the way to become a better player. 1
• Balancing raiding with real life commitments. 2
• Making sacrifices for the guild, when needed. 3

Q: Where did you read our recruitments posts?
A: i actually have been talking with Tegris before you decided to make it a raiding guild and then i decided to apply (i know Ravage too who are in there too)

Q: If there is something you’d like to add, then this is the place.
A: Just that i hope to get started with the raids with you asap.

Q: Hows is your overall WoW experience?
Vanilla – A: i didnt play wow in vanilla.
TBC – A: i wasnt lvl 70 in TBC
WOTLK – A: i did all raids, the only one i didnt finnish was ICC, (only did 4 first bosses) and RS.

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PostSubject: Re: Hefty - MM Hunter(DECLINED)   Tue Feb 15, 2011 3:30 am

hi, thanks for your reply.

we will now look after it soon.

officer team
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PostSubject: Re: Hefty - MM Hunter(DECLINED)   Thu Feb 17, 2011 11:13 am



The Officer-team
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PostSubject: Re: Hefty - MM Hunter(DECLINED)   

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Hefty - MM Hunter(DECLINED)
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